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Eagles players get limited edition Starter jackets to commemorate London game

Now, if the team can get a win on Sunday, the guys will look even better wearing these.

The Eagles are on their way to London to face the Jaguars on Sunday, and when they get across the pond, they’ll have some pretty sweet new gear waiting for them in the locker room at Wembley Stadium: An official Starter jacket.

Now sure, the exterior is nice enough as is, complete with the OG Kelly Green logo, and the British Flag on the right sleeve, but the interior is really a work of art. With notable London landmarks covering the inner-liner, there are also three patches that adorn the inner left flap, including one celebrating Starter’s inception in 1971, one honoring the Eagles 2018 matchup, and one noting the designer Brian Begley.

This marks the first time the team from Philadelphia has played in the international series, and they are seemingly making the most out of their trip. They have team veterans, like Brent Celek and Jon Dorenbos, taking in the sights as both fans and team reps, and are providing the players with at least one very cool souvenir.

Begley also designed Starter jackets for the Seahawks-Raiders London game a few weeks ago, and explained a little bit about the interior design on his Instagram.

“A little about the design. The entire inside of the jacket is inspired by styling cues from the Queen’s Guards uniform. Then some iconic London marks fill those segments. In the center of Big Ben is a custom heat seal patch designed to commemorate the 2018 NFL London games. That seal was inspired by the Queen’s Guards belt buckle. Each of the four teams (I know there are 6 teams playing there this year, but we only did 4) that will play in London this year had a custom one of a kind patch created and sewn into the inside front chest.”

The team will at least be heading home on Monday with some fly new gear — let’s just hope the gear is in addition to a much-needed win.

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