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Philadelphia Eagles Roster Move: The Prodigal Returns (To The Practice Squad)

Season saved

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Donnel Pumphrey is back on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The much-maligned fourth-round selection of the 2017 NFL Draft was never able to contribute to the Eagles: a hamstring injury during his first preseason landed him on IR, and a similar injury led to him getting cut in the 2018 preseason. After spending some time on the Detroit Lions’ practice squad, Pumphrey has returned to Philadelphia.

Much like Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls after a stint as a baseball player, Donnel Pumphrey has returned to the Eagles, some would say.

Others might say it’s more like Jay-Z returning to recording albums after The Black Album was supposed to be his last, Donnel Pumphrey has returned to the Eagles.

Still others might say it’s more reminiscent of Simba, returning from his flight to the desert and hakuna matata lifestyle to take his rightful place as king of the jungle. This is how some news outlets are framing Donnel Pumphrey’s return to the Eagles.

Pump is unlikely to stick on the practice squad for very long, as I see it: when they cut him earlier this season, it seemed as if Philadelphia’s medical staff had much decided that Pumphrey’s push to add weight to play at the NFL level was too much for his frame. It will be difficult to trust Pumphrey on a year-to-year basis, if his hamstrings are never up to 100% — which they very well may never be.

Though, if Pumphrey remains healthy on the practice squad, that will be a good sign for his eventual calling up to the active roster — Lord knows the Eagles could use some running back help.

Here’s an updated look at the Eagles’ practice squad:

RB Donnel Pumphrey

DT Winston Craig

LB B.J. Bello

OL Josh Andrews

TE Billy Brown

LB Asantay Brown

WR Braxton Miller

WR Dorren Miller

DE Joe Ostman

CB Chandon Sullivan

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