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Brian Dawkins receives his Hall of Fame “Ring of Excellence” at halftime against Panthers

Ooohhh, shiny.

It’s been a year full of celebrations for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the players and fans of the team. That continued on Sunday, with legendary Eagle Brian Dawkins receiving his Hall of Fame “Ring of Excellence” at halftime against the Panthers.

(Lots of ring ceremonies for the Eagles and Dawkins this season!)

Dawkins already received his gold jacket, and his bust is now displayed in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but receiving his ring in Philadelphia was a heartwarming moment for the safety and the city that loves him.

During the induction ceremony earlier in the season, Dawkins’ inspiring speech shined a light on mental health, and his personal struggles throughout his NFL career. His strength, on and off the field, is something that embodies what it means to be a Philly icon, and his honesty is part of the reason Dawkins has such a special relationship with the Eagles community.

You can read or listen to the full speech here (and I highly recommend it), but here’s just a taste of his appreciation for the great city of Philly and the Eagles organization.

“And finally, let’s talk about these Eagles fans. I read. I know some of you drove all the way from Philly here. And listen, I have a good understanding that you don’t have money just to waste. So that means that you put hard earned money that you could be saving to come out and celebrate with ya boy! So THANK YOU. Thank you for loving me the way that I love you! I love you back! And I thank you. I thank you for everything.”

And just a reminder, this is Dawkins’ SECOND ring of the year, with the Eagles legend earning a Super Bowl ring since he was serving as a member of the team’s front office last season. (Seriously, I am so glad he ended up with one of these — he deserves it!)

Congrats Weapon X and enjoy all the accolades that come your way.

From earlier on Sunday:

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