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Eagles News: Philadelphia’s locker room feels like they have their 2017 swagger back

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/20/18.

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Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Doug Pederson has Eagles feeling like their 2017 selves again - ESPN
“He just wanted to remind us of who we were,” said running back Wendell Smallwood during a recent appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. “He showed us the highlights and we all thought to ourselves, ‘Man, where are those guys at? We miss those guys.’ I was like, ‘Man, we’ve got to get that back.’” Those guys reappeared last Thursday in the Meadowlands. The Eagles returned to their swag-having, high-flying form, jumping all over the Giants from the opening series en route to a 24-6 halftime lead. Another positive sign emerged in the locker room during the break, according to Smallwood. Receiver Nelson Agholor cranked up some music and a little party broke out, just like it had in Minneapolis back in February during halftime of Super Bowl LII against the New England Patriots. “We just know we’re going to win the game. I felt that feeling [Thursday] night,” said Smallwood, who saw enough to announce with confidence, “We’re back.”

Panthers writer gives three reasons why the Eagles will win on Sunday - BGN
The Panthers lack aggression. It’s as simple as that. They might build up a small lead, say 10 points or so, but then they’ll relax into soft coverage shells and run the ball on 98% of their offensive snaps. The Eagles will have every opportunity they need to get back in the game if they find themselves in a hole. Factor in that Rivera seems to actively prefer punting or attempting field goals instead of keeping a drive alive (and risking a touchdown) on fourth and short from just about anywhere on the field, and the Eagles will always be in a position to beat the Panthers.

What defensive tackles make sense as Eagles targets at the trade deadline? - PhillyVoice
To be clear, I stress that he makes sense “on paper.” Williams signed a 1-year, $5.5 million deal in March, despite likely knowing that the Bills didn’t have the talent to win a Super Bowl. The Bills drafted him in 2006, and he’s been there his entire career. The people in Buffalo love him. He’s kind of like their Brian Dawkins of the last decade, so there would no doubt be backlash against the team if he were traded for a later-round pick. Obviously, the Eagles wouldn’t give up more than, say, a 5, for a 35-year old on a one-year deal. He would be a perfect fit in the Eagles defense and locker room, but Buffalo would have to be willing to absorb backlash, and who knows if Williams would even want to be traded.

The Do-Nothing Approach That Resolved the NFL’s Anthem Crisis - SI
Well, Wentzy, you hit one problem right there. They can’t, by rule, sign Bell long-term. At this point, by definition, he’d be a 10-game rental. Then, there’s his suspension history, his injury history and the question of how long it would take him to get in game shape. Those are problems not just for the Eagles but for any team that’d consider Bell. Yes, the Eagles call on everyone. And yes, the Fletcher Cox restructure created the kind of breathing room under the salary cap that Philly needed if it’s to make any sort of move ahead of the trade deadline. But I’d be surprised to see this one happen. Internally, Philly believes it has bigger needs (mainly in the secondary). And the Eagles weren’t willing to go into the second-round range to get Shady McCoy. So it seems pretty unlikely they’d take on and give up what would be needed to land Bell.

NFL Week 7 FOX Carolina Panthers @ Philadelphia Eagles Preview - PFF
Sidney Jones has done his best to fill the void vacated by Patrick Robinson this offseason, but the early returns have been less than ideal. Jones is allowing a reception every nine snaps he is on the field, while his overall grade of 54.4 ranks 89th among cornerbacks with at least 100 snaps.

A Friday Trip Around The Locker Room -
This is the time of year, right now, when the weather turns and the winds start to become a factor and the temperatures dip. All of that impacts the football’s flight, and that means Jake Elliott has to be particularly wary of the shifts in the game-time conditions. “It’s really weird this year because there’s been no in-between. It was warm and now it’s going to be cold on Sunday (the temperature at kickoff is expected to be in the 40s),” Elliott said. “We’ll see how it is on Sunday. The ball has been flying alright this week. You definitely notice a little bit of a difference as far as carry and with the wind picking up. This is the time of the year when you really have to focus on hitting a clean ball. “It’s getting colder, but it’s not in the 30s yet. That’s when you really notice the difference in how far the ball carries.

How Eagles’ Jordan Hicks, one year removed from Achilles injury, has seen his life change since - Inquirer
Hicks also spoke about how much he’s grown as a father and a husband this year, playing into the ownership and responsibility lessons. The mantra he tells himself: “If you don’t do it, who’s going to do it?” This perspective might have come to Hicks even if he didn’t tear his Achilles last year, even if he played every game and starred in the Super Bowl. He might have become a father this year regardless, might have started TopTier while playing middle linebacker last season. But Hicks believes that “we were all put in that position for a reason” and “to second-guess that is no good.” So when Hicks takes the field for Week 7 one year after his devastating injury, he looks at all that happened and would live it again. ”Do you change it? Would you change it? I can’t say I would,” Hicks said. “It’s part of my story.”

In-season trades, Brandon Graham irony, more in Roob’s 10 random Eagles observations - NBCSP
There isn’t one NFC East team ranked in the top half of the league in total offense. The Eagles are 18th, Giants 24th, Redskins 25th, Cowboys 29th. Yet all four teams are in the top half in defense: The Cowboys are fourth, Redskins fifth, Eagles 12th and Giants 14th. That’s flat-out bizarre.

Eagles fan hit with fame after hitting pole gets some glory - AP
The moment in the spotlight isn’t over yet for a Philadelphia Eagles fan who stumbled into fame as a viral video star after running into a subway pillar earlier this year. Jigar Desai is now the subject of an NFL digital short feature, shot ahead of the Eagles game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Oct. 28. In the short, he’s surprised with tickets for himself, his wife and two kids to attend the game in England. “From ‘mind the pillars’ to ‘Mind the Gap’ ...London, here we come!” Desai said Friday.

Panthers receiver DJ Moore set to quietly take his local legend status back to Philly - Charlotte Observer
But do Moore’s Panthers teammates know he’s a North Philadelphia legend? He can throw a football over the mountains. Punt and kick a country mile. Knock a safety into a greeting with his grandkids and keep on rollin’. And he was on the honor roll four years straight?! Sheesh. Didn’t they hear? Most impressive of all, perhaps, is that Moore could arrive at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Panthers visit Philadelphia on Sunday, and convince at least a few members of the Eagles’ “passionate” fan base to root against the home team.

Made from Scratch: Panthers at Eagles - Cat Scratch Reader
So to show our opponent how much we respect and acknowledge their achievements, and lament the mean things that NFL officials do to them, and only to them... I figured we should try our hands at making an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich, exactly the way they do it in Philadelphia at Primanti brothers, and not anywhere else. [BLG: Troll alert!]

Sacksonville No More?—Why the Jaguars Haven’t Been Themselves in 2018 - The Ringer
There’s isn’t one culprit behind Jacksonville’s recent collapse, but three statistical markers paint a pretty good picture as to why they’ve failed to dominate at the same level as last season. The Jags finished second in the NFL in takeaways last year, snagging 21 interceptions (second) and 12 fumble recoveries (tied for fourth). The team’s elite pass-rush group gift-wrapped more than a few of those turnovers, with Yannick Ngakoue, Malik Jackson, Dante Fowler, and Calais Campbell combining to force five fumble turnovers (three of which were returned for touchdowns)—and racking up a total of 55 drive-killing sacks on the year (second). Even when teams did manage to march down the field, Jacksonville was one of the NFL’s top red zone defending teams, too, finishing second in touchdowns allowed per opponent red zone trip.

Eli’s Last Gasp - Rotoworld
Manning isn’t the first quarterback to overstay his welcome and he won’t be the last. Brett Favre didn’t know when to call it quits while Eli’s older brother Peyton limped to the finish line in 2015, though Von Miller and the Broncos’ defense were kind enough to chip in for a Super Bowl ring to give him as a going-away present. God knows the kind of hell Tom Brady will raise when Bill Belichick decides it’s time for him to go (Emperor Bill was this close to ditching him for Jimmy Garoppolo last year). We’ve seen quarterbacks play into their 40s before but with Manning in steep decline, he doesn’t appear to be one of them. It’s the question all teams must face when productive veterans reach the autumn of their career—where do you draw the line with loyalty? Do Manning’s two Super Bowl rings afford him a lifetime pass even as the struggling Giants sink further into the abyss? In Foxboro, Bill Belichick has always been of the school that it’s better to be a year early than a year late when moving on from a declining veteran, but clearly Gettleman doesn’t subscribe to that way of thinking.

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t like water, a take most normal people disagree with - SB Nation
Odell Beckham Jr. is in the news again, but this time it doesn’t revolve around an interview with Josina Anderson that slowly devolved into a mild feud between Eli Manning and...Lil Wayne. Beckham made waves on social media by telling reporters that he doesn’t like water. Right. A world-class athlete doesn’t like water. A little odd!


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