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Is there anything that Eagles rookie Jordan Mailata isn’t good at?

We may not have seen him in-game yet, but the rookie from Australia has many off-field talents.

It’s been just under six months since the Philadelphia Eagles added Australia-native Jordan Mailata to their roster. He not only earned a draft pick despite never having played a down of American football, but had enough potential for the team to use one of it’s 53 roster spots on the rookie — even if he’s mostly been inactive.

So, while we haven’t seen Mailata on the field for a game just yet, he’s been acclimating to American culture, and showing off his talents along the way — although, yoga might not be one of them.

Dude can sing, like really sing

The rookie showed off some of his talents on Monday at former Eagles All-Pro Vai Sikahema’s Luau in October kick-off event. The Vai Sikehema Foundation supports youth and adoption services, and Mailata showed up big to the inaugural event and wow’ed with his singing voice.

That isn’t exactly the first time we’ve been gifted by Mailata’s voice, with the rookie serenading his teammates and the media in the locker room during training camp.

And he’s part Globetrotter

While wearing a shirt with a gigantic raccoon face, Mailata also looks like a Harlem Globetrotter with his ball-spinning skills. At 6-foot-8, he could always try his hand at a basketball career if this whole football thing doesn’t work out. (But, it’s going to work out, Coach Stoutland and Howie Roseman said so.)


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