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Eagles Fans Rooting Guide for NFL Week 6 Games

Here are the teams you should be rooting for ... and against.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Here’s a look at which teams Philadelphia Eagles fans should be rooting for during NFL Week 6 games.


No Eagles game today. They defeated the New York Giants on Thursday night, 34-13. (Read about our 10 takeaways from the game by CLICKING HERE.)


Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins: Washington is 2-2 after getting blown out by New Orleans on Monday Night Football. Here’s hoping they look sluggish on short rest. Washington losing means the Eagles can retain their NFC East lead. An added bonus here is that the Panthers might start to smell themselves a little with three wins in a row heading into Philly in Week 7. Root for the Panthers.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys: On one hand, the best thing for the Eagles is for Jerry Jones to delude himself into thinking Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott are long-term solutions for the Cowboys, because they’re clearly not. So it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if Dallas wins in unimpressive fashion. But at this point I’d take the Cowboys dropping to 2-4 while the Eagles remain on top of the division at 3-3. Root for the Jaguars.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons: The 2-2 Bucs are a bigger threat to the Eagles than the 1-4 Falcons right now. Tampa Bay has that direct tie-breaker over Philly while the Eagles own one over Atlanta. Root for the Falcons.

Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders: Usually it’s the right call to root for the AFC team over the NFC team but Eagles fans should be hoping Oakland loses a lot of games and gets a better draft pick than the Giants. I could see Jon Gruden wanting “his guy” at quarterback. For now, though, I’ll just take Seattle losing. Root for the Raiders.

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings: The Cardinals are 10.5 underdogs in Minnesota. It’d be great to see them pull off the big upset. Root for the Cardinals.

Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins: The Bears are 3-1. Don’t want to see them get far ahead of the Eagles in the NFC playoff picture. Root for the Dolphins.

Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos: It’d be great to see the undefeated Rams finally drop a game here. Root for the Broncos.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers: Keep Aaron Rodgers away from the playoffs. Root for the 49ers.


Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans: The Ravens lost to Cleveland last week, which is a positive development for the 2019 second-round pick Baltimore owes to the Eagles. Here’s hoping the Ravens fall to 3-3. Root for the Titans.


Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets: Sorry, Frank Reich, but we need Sam Darnold to continue to look good to really make the Giants’ misery even worse. Root for the J-E-T-S.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals can advance to 5-1 and maintain their AFC North lead with a win. That makes it harder for Baltimore to overtake them, which is important for draft pick positioning. Also maybe the Steelers losing makes them more likely to sell Le’Veon Bell? Root for the Bengals.

Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns: Philip Rivers is 36 and 2019 is the last year of his contract. Wouldn’t mind the Bolts getting a high draft pick ahead of the Giants to draft a QB. Root for the Browns.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans: Maybe LeSean McCoy becomes more easily available with the Bills losing? Root for the Texans.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots: Who doesn’t love seeing Bill Belichick and Tom Brady lose? Go get ‘em, Andy. Root for the Chiefs.


Detroit Lions: Up next for the Lions is a Week 7 road game against Miami.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints will travel to Baltimore upon returning from their week off.

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