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Jason Peters injury update following Eagles vs. Giants

Latest on Philadelphia’s left tackle.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles starting left tackle Jason Peters suffered a biceps injury that caused him to leave Philadelphia’s 34-13 win over the New York Giants early on Thursday evening.

Doug Pederson didn’t give much of an update on his status after the game, but Peters did tell reporters that he’s “OK.”

While it’s good to see Peters say this, his assessment needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Remember how Rodney McLeod said he felt fine after the Eagles’ Week 3 game but it was later discovered he suffered a torn MCL?

The good news is we’re hearing Peters might be OK to play through his biceps injury. From NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Derrick Gunn:

It’s unclear exactly when the MRI will take place but you can bet Pederson will be asked about Peters’ status during his noon press conference today. So hopefully we’ll find out more then. If not, stay tuned for more reports on Peters’ status.

In the meantime, here’s some more medical context on Peters’ injury from former NFL team doctor David Chao:

Indeed, if it is a proximal biceps tendon tear up by the shoulder, that is a no-brainer to play through after a short absence.

However, if it is a distal biceps tendon tear at the elbow, those usually need surgery and end a season.

By limited video, there was an inside blitz where Peters needed to reach back toward the ‘B’ gap and Giants linebacker B.J. Goodson ran through Peters’ right arm as he tried to hook him. And, unfortunately, this looks to be a distal biceps tear.

A biceps isn’t the worst injury for an offensive lineman. A triceps is very difficult to play through, but the biceps is more important for a defender in wrapping to tackle. If an offensive lineman really needs elbow flexion, he is already beat anyway. That is what happened here, as Peters was essentially beat before he reached back inside and hurt his biceps.

In other injury news, Pederson said Lane Johnson could’ve stayed in the game last night if the Eagles really needed him to play. Philadelphia took their starting right tackle out once they had built a comfortable lead over the Giants. Now Johnson will have a chance to rest up before the Eagles play against the Panthers on Sunday, October 21.

Sidney Jones also got banged up in the Eagles’ Thursday night game. The team’s slot cornerback had to leave early with a hamstring issue. There’s been no word on his status. Once again, stay tuned to BGN for more updates.

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