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Former Eagles linebacker throws shade on Chip Kelly being 0-5 at UCLA

There is still some bad blood from former Eagles with their old head coach.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

If you think former Eagles players have moved on from the Chip Kelly era and his complete dismantling of the team in Philadelphia, you’d be wrong.

Emmanuel Acho was cut by the Eagles in 2015 and made his way to ESPN as a college football analyst, which, now three years later, set him up perfectly to get a little bit of revenge on his former NFL coach — and the guy who cut him, five times.

In case you hadn’t heard, after a short hiatus from the game, Chip Kelly is back to coaching football, this time with UCLA. The Bruins were 6-7 last season and had hoped that Kelly would bring his uptempo offense and success at the college level back to the West Coast.

(Narrator: He did not.)

Kelly’s UCLA team is 0-5 heading into the halfway point of the season, and Acho was set up perfectly. He was asked to comment on what’s going on with Kelly, and just unloaded.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Chip Kelly again. Chip, he cut me five times. Five times Chip told me I wasn’t good enough. Well, Chip, at 0 and 5, you’re not good enough.”

If that weren’t enough, Acho not only posted the clip on Twitter, but he also then replied tagging all of his former teammates who were also Eagles casualties under Kelly.

There aren’t many Eagles players, personnel or fans that would give a glowing review of Kelly during his time with the team; he created a toxic locker room, treated the players like kids, and cut or traded some of the team’s best guys.

Acho made things personal when he was asked about his former coach being winless in his return to college football, and you know what, I love every second of it.

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