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NFL insider believes Eagles will make “at least one significant trade and maybe more”

The Le’Veon Bell rumors live on.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NFL insider Jason La Canfora has been saying all along that the Philadelphia Eagles have interest in Le’Veon Bell and he’s not backing down. La Canfora quadrupled down on his stance in a recent CBS Sports interview.

ADAM SCHEIN: How real is the possibility the Eagles trade for Le’Veon Bell?

JASON LA CANFORA: It’s very real. I understand them not wanting to set the bar too high, and not wanting to get fan expectations too ratcheted up, but this is Howie Roseman we’re talking about. And he doesn’t do complacent, he’s not going to sit back and just be placid as this season goes in a direction nobody’s comfortable with. And now he has an acute need. So they’ve got two games in five days. Not much is going to happen this week. They’ll re-assess after this Thursday night game [against the Giants]. He’s touched based with the Steelers. He’s touched base with the Bills about Shady McCoy. Again, everything pretty preliminary. But I think he’s making at least one significant trade and maybe more. It could be a corner as well. They’ve got a need in the defensive backfield as well. But yeah, with running backs, Le’Veon Bell is somebody who interests them. [Roseman’s] restructured some deals to where he’s at a point where with $10.8 million in cap space right now. He could absorb a big salary. And that doesn’t include eventually trading Nick Foles, which could obviously create more space for him in the short-term. So yes, Howie Roseman is certainly one of the key players to watch in these three weeks ahead of the [NFL trade] deadline.

The part about “not wanting to get fan expectations too ratcheted up” here seems to be in response to ESPN’s latest report that the Eagles “have not pursued a trade for Bell and do not have plans to do so at this time.”

As previously noted, the logistics of a Bell trade aren’t simple. But that doesn’t mean a deal can’t get done. The Eagles seemingly have the motivation. Given their lack of big plays, Philadelphia certainly has the need for a new offensive weapon. And Bell could really help the Eagles’ passing game in addition to his contributions as a runner.

It’s interesting — but not surprising — that La Canfora mentioned the Eagles possibly trading for a new defensive back in addition to an offensive weapon. Bringing in a safety certainly makes more sense than bringing in a corner. But it remains to be seen who’s available.

It’s also worth pointing out that La Canfora continues to mention the possibility of trading Foles. I fail to see where the market for Foles is but it sounds like La Canfora has heard something on that front.

We’ll see what happens. For now, the Eagles are focused on their Week 6 game against the Giants. Then they’ll have some time before their next game on Sunday, October 21. They’ll ultimately have to make a decision before the NFL trade deadline expires on Tuesday, October 30 at 4:00 PM ET.

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