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Watching Carson Wentz mic’d up might make you feel a little better

The Eagles’ quarterback was mic’d up against Minnesota on Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Leave it to quarterback Carson Wentz to pull us out of our hangover from Sunday’s loss, and give us hope heading into the first NFC East game of the year.

The Eagles QB was mic’d up during the loss the Vikings, but to see him battle through the final whistle provided some much-needed relief about the future of this team.

Wentz has never been one to shy away from a test, and that was exemplified on Sunday, as you can see him lifting up his teammates in the huddle as they went on that final, impressive drive — seriously, where was that kind of play the other 58 minutes of the game?! — and then again when he talked to the offensive line after the clock hit zero.

Perhaps some of the offense’s late-game resurgence can be attributed to Wentz’s encouragement heading into the drive, “We got no timeouts, we gotta play fast. I don’t care the situation, we play until this clock hits zero, right?”

And despite that series ending with a touchdown, it was too little, too late for the Eagles to claw their way back for a win. As the special teams unit wrapped up the final seconds of the game, Wentz went to his offensive line and, once again, showed the type of leader he is.

And you know what? I believe him. I believe that Carson Wentz got right back into the film room Sunday evening or Monday morning and started working on preparing for the Giants.

There have been a lot of issues the first five weeks of the season, but as Doug Pederson and the coordinators have said ad nauseam, they are all fixable, and once they tighten up some of the loose ends, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have the same kind of production as last season — whether it leads to another Super Bowl appearance is a whole other monster.

But, this display from Carson Wentz should at least give you a little more faith in the team’s franchise quarterback and what he’s willing to do to get right the ship.

Also, a very cool moment was captured as the team’s were shaking hands, with Vikings’ receiver Adam Thielen — who embarrassed the Eagles defense all day — telling Wentz, “I love what you’re doing on and off the field man, you’re a role model for me and I really appreciate it”.

It’s gotta be a pretty big compliment to have a guy nearly three years older telling Wentz that he’s his role model.


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