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Eagles trade talk, line play, and the horrors of NFL Game Pass

The Kist & Solak Show #24!

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles sit at 2-3 and are literally and figuratively limping into a critical division game against the 1-4 New York Giants. There’s a lot of noise about who is to blame and what we need to be concerned about and The Kist & Solak Show aims to put things in the proper perspective.

The offensive line has struggled, that can’t be denied, but are we focusing too much on one or two bad reps from really good players? That may be the case with Lane Johnson, who has been on the bad end of some key plays recently, but if you watch him bell-to-bell, you could argue he’s played relatively well while still being deserving of some criticism. In fact, that’s exactly what we argue while also attempting to bring some much needed context to why those breakdowns in pass pro happened.

Additionally, Isaac Seumalo had a rough start against the Minnesota Vikings, how did he bounce back from that? Mental toughness is an important trait for any player to have, and we felt that if you look at his performance beyond the opening portion of the game, that he was a pleasant surprise.

Look, the line isn’t playing great or terrible, and they are definitely not playing to the level to which they are capable, but some of the talk being thrown around is a bit much. Bring it back down to earth by listening to The Kist & Solak Show. Or don’t and yell at us in the comments, whatever you need to do in these tough times is all good.

Other topics include the horrors of NFL Game Pass and the related Missing Case of the All-22 and of course trade talk regarding the big three running backs (you know who they are) and a safety that could be on the radar.

Stream it on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load. Coming next we have two preview shows for you from The Kist & Solak Show and BGN Radio.

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