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What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack or meal?

Choose wisely.

pepperoni pizza pie sliced in half on a red and white checkered table cloth Photo by: Digital Light Source/UIG via Getty Images

With Super Bowl LII coming up this weekend, the SB Nation NFL team sites will be doing some theme posts related to the big game. Today’s theme is: The best Super Bowl meal.

The best Super Bowl meal isn’t just one dish alone. As is the case with the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense, it’s about variety. It’s not about just relying on one star player.

With that said, some choices stand out above the rest. I love pizza, so that’s a must. I’ll eat pizza with a number of toppings, but there has to be a pepperoni there.

My mom and my aunt both make great buffalo chicken dip. They’re fantastic options for the Super Bowl.

I enjoy wings, but I don’t know if that’s appropriate for the Super Bowl. How can you eat wings when you’re cheering on a team called the Eagles? Besides, I remember eating wings the last time the Eagles were in a Super Bowl. And they lost. So no wings.

You can’t go wrong with a Woodrow’s cheesesteak, along with an order of their fries.

But besides me, who cares about my preference. It’s time to turn the question over to you: what’s your favorite Super Bowl meal or snack? And why is it the BACON EXPLOSION?

If you have a cool recipe to share, do it in the comments!

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