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Someone reportedly placed a multi-million dollar bet on the Eagles to win Super Bowl LII


NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Someone is feeling very confident about the Philadelphia Eagles heading into Super Bowl LII ... so confident that they reportedly placed a multi-million wager on the Birds!

Assuming this is the same person referenced in the following tweet, they aren’t just taking the Eagles to cover the spread, which is now at Patriots -5. They are taking the Eagles to WIN the 2018 Super Bowl.

That’s a lotttttt of money.

The referenced bettor here, by the way, picked all six 2017 World Series games correctly before cashing out with $14 million prior to Game 7. So they have a track record of success.

Eagles fans will sure hope this bettor is right about their pick this time as well.

Question for Eagles fans: would you consider betting on the Patriots so that you could 1) win money if the Eagles lose or 2) not feel bad about losing money if the Eagles win? I’m not saying I’m doing that, just some food for thought.

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