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This Boston news segment about Eagles fans is so dumb and ignorant

*Fart noise*

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Hey, remember when a Minnesota news station ran a dumb and ignorant segment about Eagles fans last week?

Well, with the Eagles set to play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Boston news station has decided it’s their turn to be stupid.

How DID Philadelphia become known for having the worst-behaved fans? John Keller explains.

The distinctive cry of the Eagles fans as they gear up for yet another shot at ending their Super Bowl futility. What’s the difference between these folks and our own passionate, sometimes rowdy, Patriots fans?

‘Philadelphia fans love football in a really dark and disturbing way. The national perception of the Philadelphia sports fan is that they are lunatics.’

In a 2015 survey by Sports Illustrated, Eagles fans were named the nation’s most hated fan base. And they work hard to sustain that dubious distinction.

From cheering a serious injury to an opposing player … to pelting one of their own, dressed up as Santa, with ice balls … [clip of fans booing the Donovan McNabb pick] … Eagles fans boo everyone and that’s the best of their behavior. No other fan base has had a working courtroom set up inside their home stadium to handle the drunk and disorderly cases.

Here’s the Vikings team bus, being showered with debris after the NFC Championship Game. And Minnesota travel agents had this advice for Vikings fans traveling to that game.

‘I would take off any sort of like, colors. I know it sounds ridiculous, like we’re almost talking about gangs here, but it’s no joke down in Philly. It really isn’t.’

‘Oh, I would advise you to not be over-inebriated, because they will be.’

You can say that again! Now, I’m sure people are saying ‘Well, what about Pats fans?’ Yes, some Pats fans have, at times, been known to act inappropriately after a few beverages, but nothing like this, these guys are in a whole ‘nother league.

I remember when Donovan McNabb hurt his ankle, and the fans cheered, they disliked Donovan McNabb so much at that point in his career that his own fans cheered his injury.

You know, I would call them animals, but I’m an animal lover, and that’s an insult to animals, to be honest with you.

***fart noise***

Hey there, ignorant Boston news anchors, here’s something interesting for you. According to a study from the Washington Post, the Patriots averaged MORE ARRESTS PER SEASON than the Eagles did over a five-year span. In fact, a total of 10 teams averaged more arrests.

Let’s not act like Boston doesn’t have a track record of fans behaving badly. 117 Patriots fans were once arrested in a single game. That’s believed to be an NFL record. The Red Sox suspended a fan for using a racial slur just last summer. And that’s hardly the first accusation of racism in Boston. In a separate incident, the Red Sox formally apologized to an Orioles player who said a fan called him the “N-word.” MLB pitcher David Price also said that’s happened to him in Fenway. Barry Bonds once said “Boston is too racist for me.” Hockey player P.K. Subban was harassed by racist tweets from Bruins fans.

But don’t let facts get in the way of your lazy narrative, Boston.


Hat tip to @4for4215 for this video.

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