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Malcolm Jenkins channels his inner-Brian Dawkins for this awesome pregame speech


NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There are many reasons Malcolm Jenkins is one of the biggest leaders on the Philadelphia Eagles, and it’s not just because he’s a rah-rah guy.

But getting everyone fired up is certainly something he’s capable of doing.

Just watch this video and tell me you don’t wanna immediately run through a brick wall.

“Dig this, man! I ain’t got nothing to say about that team! Cuz it ain’t about them, it’s all about us!

I don’t know if you realize, but this is the last time that this team in this circle is going to play on this field together! This team won’t ever be the same, now!

So this is our last chance! Let’s f***ing make this the best one, man!

Have fun some and cut it loose!

The disrespect will not be tolerated!

All year they done told you what you couldn’t do! What you couldn’t be!

We four quarters away from being a legendary team!

We already legendary! We showed up legendary!


Ay, we four quarters away from being up there! [points to where the NFC Championship banners hang at Lincoln Financial Field]

Being up there in those f***ing rafters, where they can’t take that s*** down!


That’s all we wanted!

We’re able, we done been in the work to be right here! TO BE RIGHT HERE!

Let’s cut this s*** loose!

We f***ing dominate, man! This s*** ain’t gotta be close!

It ain’t gotta be close.





Narrator voice: It wasn’t close.

There will certainly never be another Brian Dawkins, but this speech from Jenkins sure reminds me of Dawk’s passion, doggonit.

Maybe break another one of these out for the Super Bowl, Malcolm.

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