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2017 Eagles have some scary similarities to the 1990 Giants team that won a Super Bowl

Lombardi Trophy confirmed.

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Back when Carson Wentz suffered an ACL injury in Week 14, some optimistic folks were quick to point out the EaglesSuper Bowl hopes weren’t over just yet. The name invoked at the time was Jeff Hostetler, a backup quarterback for the 1990 Giants who ultimately led New York to a title.

As it turns out, the Eagles have more similarities to that team than you probably realized. Via Adam Lefkoe of Bleacher Report:

I did a little Pepe Silvia digging, and I’ve realized that the Eagles are just like the 1990 Giants and they are going to win the Super Bowl.

And here is the reason why: 1990 Giants, Week 15, they had a young rural school quarterback drafted in the Top 10 that wore number 11 and he got hurt. He broke his foot… What do you know, the 2017 Eagles top 10 pick at small rural school, that wears number 11 tears his ACL in the last few games of the year. Who do the Giants turn to? They turn to Jeff Hostetler, a third round pick that was so frustrated with the game, he contemplated retirement that season. Who do the Eagles turn to? A third round pick in Nick Foles that was frustrated with the game and was contemplating retirement earlier that season, wouldn’t ya know.

In the playoff games this is what the Giants did. They blew out an NFC North team [Giants 31- Bears 3] and then they went on to beat the reigning NFC Champions by scoring 15 points [Giants 15- 49ers 13]. The Philadelphia Eagles blew out an NFC North team [Eagles 38 - Vikings 7] and then also beat the NFC Champions by scoring 15 points.

Who do the Giants face in that Super Bowl? The Giants were an underdog that faced and AFC East team [Buffalo Bills] that would play in 4 Super Bowl that decade. In the Super Bowl, the Eagles are the underdog to an AFC East team that are playing in their fourth Super Bowl this decade.

Back in that Super Bowl you know how the Giants won? Scott Norwood. Missed it. Wide right. You know where Scott Norwood went to college? James Madison University. This is [Stephen] Gostkowski. Do you know where he went to school? Not James Madison ... Madison Central High School ... it’s gonna happen.

The Eagles are the 1990 New York Giants, they will win the Super Bowl. Pepe Silvia is real. Just know where you heard it from first. Stephen Gostkowski ... wide right.

If the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win is going to come down to a missed field goal, I think a lot of people are going to have a heart attack. Worth it, though.

This comparison probably means nothing, but don’t you just think it’s at least possible the Eagles are a team of destiny? I mean ...

Bet on the Birds.

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