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Nick Foles is on the Sports Illustrated cover, again

Big time.

The 2018 Super Bowl edition of Sports Illustrated is here and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is on the cover.

Still crazy to think this is really happening. Nick Foles! The guy who went from potential franchise quarterback, to almost retiring early ... to Super Bowl starting quarterback.

This cover isn’t the first time Foles has been the face of SI, by the way. That was back in 2013.

And then again before the 2014 NFL season. He’s pictured here with some dude who calls games for CBS now. (Question for Cowboys fans: Are you ready for Foles to have more rings than Tony Romo?)

For those saying “Oh no, it’s a jinx!” — please realize there is a New England Patriots cover as well.

And if you wanna believe the jinx angle, take that approach with SI’s Super Bowl prediction of the Patriots beating the Eagles by a final score of 27 to 16.

Underdogs once again.

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