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Some Vikings fans are being real sore losers about Minnesota’s loss to the Eagles

Take the L and move on, folks.

NFL: JAN 14 NFC Divisional Playoff  Saints at Vikings

The satisfaction of the Eagles beating the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game had little to do with Philadelphia’s opponent. The Vikings aren’t even close to being considered as a “rival” in Philly. If anything, they might deserve sympathy for being such a tortured fan base, which is something Eagles fans can relate to.

But now I’m rethinking that sympathy part after the way I’ve seen some Vikings fans react to Philadelphia’s 38-7 win over their team. A number of Vikings fans — who were being very lame heading into Sunday’s game — are now being real sore losers about the loss and taking it out on Eagles fans. Take a look.

Give me a break.

Yes, there are some Eagles fans who behave badly, as seen in a few videos making the rounds on Twitter. I’m not condoning the actions of fans who cross the line.

But guess what? This behavior isn’t unique to Philadelphia! There are bad fans in every fan base! Shocking, I know! People don’t seem to believe that, for whatever reason, but it’s true.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a perfect example. Some Vikings fans are actually organizing an event to throw stuff at Eagles fans.

Here’s another Vikings fan making threats.

And here’s video of a Vikings fan spitting on an Eagles fan at the game on Sunday.

Now, because I’m not a total ignorant moron (well, I’d like to think I’m not, at least), I’m not going to group all Vikings fans in the same bucket. Notice how I’ve specifically said “some” Vikings fans in this post.

There are actually a lot of cool Vikings fans out there, such as our friends over at Daily Norseman. They actually have one of the biggest communities of the SB Nation NFL blogs in terms of comments.

Then there are some Vikings fans who actually stopped by to chat at the BGN Radio pregame tailgate show.

One Vikings fan by the name of Jessica Brennan Leibrock is even “encouraging fans to channel their heartbreak and anger at Eagles fans by donating to the Eagles Charitable Foundation.”

That’s great work by Jessica! In honor of the good Vikings fans out there, I’d like to suggest Eagles fans to donate back to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation, which can be done by CLICKING HERE.

As for the bad Vikings fans who are trying to trash Philly’s reputation ... I have some advice for you: Shut up, take the L, and move on.

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