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Here are some crazy scenes from the streets of Philadelphia following the Eagles’ advancement to the Super Bowl

It was a fun night in Philly.

The streets of Philadelphia got pretty wild on Sunday evening following the EaglesNFC Championship Game win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Birds are going to the Super Bowl, baby!

Here are some crazy scenes from the madness, in case you missed out on it all.

Sitting on top of moving cars

Driving up the Art Museum steps

Flips and dancing

E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES chants

Mocking the Vikings’ “SKOL” chant


Honking horns

Climbing the greased poles

A little bit of Crisco can’t stop Philly fans.

A giant fire

Whatever this is


The good news here is people stayed out of making toooo much trouble.

Probably didn’t hurt that the police were lenient in letting people have their fun.

All this celebration was just about the Eagles MAKING it to the big game. Imagine how wild it’ll be when the Eagles actually win the whole damn thing in two weeks.