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Winners and even more winners as the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl


NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. And in fantastic style, obliterating the Vikings. Minnesota actually had a lead, they lost by 31. What a game. What a year. What a team.

Let’s review the winners and... the winners. Party time.


The Eagles

No Carson Wentz, no Jason Peters, no Darren Sproles, no Jordan Hicks, no Chris Maragos, no Dannelle Ellerbe... no problems. This is a truly special team.

Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson has had some great games as a game planner and play caller, but this was his best yet. His offense embarrassed the best defense in the league. His game plan and playcalling were perfect, he coached the pants off Mike Zimmer. And compare him to the other head coach named Doug who was getting huge accolades entering today. With 55 seconds left in the 1st half and the ball at his 25 and the lead, Doug Marrone took two knees. He lost by 4 points. With 29 seconds left and the ball at his 20, Doug Pederson kept his foot on the gas and extended his lead. Bravo.

Nick Foles

His 7 touchdown game will live in infamy, but this was the best game of his career. He was simply outstanding. 352 yards and 3 touchdowns on 33 attempts is a hell of a stat line against anyone let along the Vikings, and it doesn’t do him justice as Torrey Smith and Trey Burton didn’t haul in catchable passes. The Eagles just needed a solid game from Foles, he was perfect in the biggest game of his career.

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi ran like a man possessed. 7 of his 18 runs went for at least 5 yards, and every time he touched the ball he ran like it was his last carry. His best game of the season.

Alshon Jeffery

His 85 yards was his second highest total of the season, but more important were his 2 touchdowns. We’re going to run out of players to applaud for having their best game in the biggest game (to date).

Zach Ertz

8 catches, 93 yards... just another Zach Ertz game this season. Except it wasn’t. Minnesota’s defense had been lethal against tight ends, giving up just 37 yards a game, per Pro Football Reference. Ertz made them look silly.

Torrey Smith

His drop early in the game was awful, his touchdown catch was spectacular. Who doesn’t like a good in-game redemption story?

Offensive line

The Vikings had one sack, and the Eagles continued to control the ball on the ground as they have all season.

Jim Schwartz

Shutout the Vikings after the opening drive. Welcome to New York Pat Shurmur!

Fletcher Cox

Another huge game by the Eagles best player with Wentz out.

Chris Long

These are the kind of games you bring veterans like Long in for He too had one of his best games of the year, forcing a interception, recovering a fumble, and playing with a high energy the whole game.

Patrick Robinson

If I told you in August that Patrick Robinson would have a pick six to turn the game around and send the Eagles to the Super Bowl, you’d have stopped reading. But here we are.

Derek Barnett

The rookie just keeps making plays. His sack/fumble to kill a Vikings drive in the red zone was just as big as Robinson’s interception.

Mychal Kendricks

On the opening drive it seemed the Eagles were going to really miss Dannell Ellerbe, but the defense settled down on the next possession, in thanks to Kendricks stepping up and having one of his best games. He was a sure and active tackler, which isn’t his usual game.

Howie Roseman

The Eagles are talented and deep, and Roseman and his staff deserve enormous praise for that. Savor the trip to Minnesota.

Dog masks

This is a thing now. Anahiem had their rally monkey, Miami had their rats, Philly has dog masks. You’ve got two weeks to get yours.


The Vikings

The curse of the Super Bowl host continues, as Minnesota will host Super Bowl LII but not play in it. One could argue they didn’t really play in the NFC Conference Championship either. They came, they saw, they got blown out.


I’ve talked about the Streisand Effect here at BGN before, where trying to avoid something instead draws attention to it. This is a classic example. I don’t know how many people would have tried to climb lamp posts had the city not put Crisco on them, but I’m sure that the number grew substantially after they greased them up.

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