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Vikings fans are being really lame before the Eagles game

“Skul” or whatever.

Leading up to this week’s Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship Game, there was some talk about Vikes fans “invading” Philly.

Oh no, looks like the hype was real!

Well ... maybe not.

Pretty weak.

You know what else is weak?

Lol. “This is our city now.”


As I was walking by the lots near Lincoln Financial Field today, I didn’t even see many Vikings fans. And that includes the good amount of time I spent in the Jetro lot hanging out at the site of the BGN Radio pregame tailgate show.

I’m not the only one who made this observation, either.


In fairness to Vikings fans, I suppose they might be scared to show up since Eagles fans are comparable to “gang members.”

But yeah, getting back to the Eagles, the tailgates looked strong today. There was definitely a lot of energy in the parking lots today. The Linc is going to be rocking tonight.

The few Vikings fans I saw received some light heckling. Nothing over the top. This kind of behavior, however, is unnecessary, Eagles fans. Don’t be the few who ruin a good name for many.

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