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Philadelphia is greasing light poles to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them

They’re expecting quite the celebration

NFL: JAN 13 NFC Divisional Playoff  Falcons at Eagles

Earlier this week Philadelphia police sent out memos to businesses in Northeast Philly, stating that they couldn’t guarantee the safety of their establishments if (when) the Eagles win the NFC Championship Game.

On Sunday, law enforcement took extra preventative measures to make sure the city doesn’t burn to the ground.

According to the tweet above from FOX 9 out of Minnesota, the City of Philadelphia has started greasing the light poles with Crisco. Yes, that’s right, we now have Crisco cops.

As silly as it may sound, it’s probably for the best that these measures are being taken. Everybody wants to celebrate and have a good time, but there are always a couple of knuckleheads that take it too far.

Based on some of the news packages that the Minnesota media has put together this week, they probably believe that this is a regular occurrence and limited to just Philly. However, that is not true.

The videos above are from Chicago and Gainesville when the Cubs and Gators won championships in their respective sports. Light pole climbing shenanigans isn't limited to Philadelphia, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Let’s save the over the top celebrations for a Super Bowl victory.