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Zach Ertz shares an awesome story about Carson Wentz, the origin of the Eagles’ dog masks, and more

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Nice read.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz wrote a piece for The Players’ Tribune prior to Philadelphia’s NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings. Ertz touches on a number of topics in the piece, but let’s not kid ourselves here, the Carson Wentz story was clearly the best part.

People think of Carson as this guy from out in the wilderness in North Dakota hunting wild boars or whatever it is they hunt up there. (I wouldn’t know, my mom wouldn’t even let me shoot video-game guns when I was a kid.) But in reality, this dude is a football nerd. He’s obsessed with film. I remember back in October, we were about to play Carolina on Thursday Night Football. We had a day off. Guys were tired. Short week. We did a simple walk-through, and then everyone was just hanging out. I was outside the facility talking with Jordan Hicks.

I get a call from Carson.

He says, “Hey buddy, you around?”

I’m like, “Yeah, what’s up?”

He says, “Come to the QB room real quick, I wanna show you something.”

I say, “Cool, sure.”

So I get to the film room, and Carson’s sitting in there, looking like he’s been in there for a while. He’s got our last game up on the projector. Red zone stuff.

I must have been in there two minutes.

He says, “You see this? If they line up in this zone coverage when we’re in (let’s call it Tiger), I’m gonna audible you into the corner post, and we’re gonna score a touchdown.”

I’m like, Cool. Then I go home.

Cut to the game. We’re in the red zone. Carson calls “Tiger”. Carolina’s in that exact zone coverage they showed us on film. And I’m thinking, Carson, man. Unbelievable. He checks me into the corner post. The next thing I know, I’m jumping into the air and the ball is right in my hands.

The guy scored that touchdown the day before in the film room.

We’ve heard a number of stories like this about Carson by now, but they never get old. No. 11 is a special dude. Get well soon.

In his piece, Ertz also talks about: the origin of how the dog masks came to be, the team’s confidence in Nick Foles, the goal-line stand at the end of the Falcons game, and the reactions of the team watching the Minnesota Miracle.

But most importantly, of course, Ertz had a nice shoutout to Eagles fans.

And if you don’t believe in us? Well … good. Our fans will definitely let us hear about it. I’ve been trying to stay off Twitter this postseason, but that whole week leading up to the Falcons game, any time I’d go on to check the news, I’d have 99+ notifications with links to every single article out there saying how the Falcons were going to beat us.

That’s Philly right there, man. Heated Emoji. (Link to some haters.)

When you disrespect Philly, you do it at your own peril. Our fans were so ready for that game. When Atlanta had it first-and-goal from the nine at the end of the game, it was the loudest I’ve ever heard the Linc in my whole career.

It’s gonna be even louder this Sunday, Zach.

[Check out the entire article here.]