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The Eagles will not be going to the Super Bowl, according to the NFL’s official Facebook page


If the NFL’s official Facebook page is any indication, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars might as well not show for Sunday’s Conference Championship Games.

Because apparently it’s already been decided that the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots are the two teams going to Super Bowl LII.

The following image is a real screenshot from the NFL’s verified Facebook page.

You can CLICK HERE to see the post for yourself. (UPDATE: The post has finally been deleted. You can still see it in the screenshot above.)

So, uh ... what’s the deal here?!

I went back and looked through the NFL’s Facebook page to see if they did any other potential Super Bowl matchups (such as Eagles vs. Patriots, Jaguars vs. Vikings, etc.) and I couldn’t find anything like that. It’s just this one that exists.

I guess it’s probably just a case of someone accidentally publishing a pre-designed promotional post too soon. But why hasn’t it been fully deleted by now?

This is weird. And it’s certainly not going to quiet “the NFL is rigged!” conspiracy theorists.

Doug Pederson should absolutely print these out and hand them to every Eagles player before the game on Sunday. More bulletin-board material.

UPDATE: In addition to the Facebook image, Google also thinks we’re going to have a Patriots-Vikings Super Bowl. If you type in “Vikings Super Bowl appearances” or “Patriots Super Bowl appearances” you will see a logo for Super Bowl LII. That’s not the case if you type “Eagles Super Bowl appearances” or “Jaguars Suepr Bowl appearances.” THE FIX IS IN!

SECOND UPDATE: And now we have word from the league.


(Hat tip to our good friend Neil Dutton on this story.)

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