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The Eagles’ latest hype video is here to get you PUMPED for the NFC Championship Game

Let’s gooooo

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles released a new hype video in advance of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings and boy is it pretty great. Watch this thing right now:

So, who else is ready to run through a brick wall?

The best part of this video, for me at least, is the description of Doug Pederson. Just look at this:

One visor-wearin’, sideline-glarin’, screen pass-callin’, fourth-down ballin’, division-leadin’, running-back feedin’, salt and pepper son of a gun.


It’ll never not be incredible how Pederson went from a hire no one was super excited about to this suddenly great coach who has you feeling confident about the Eagles’ chances. He ended up having much more swagger than anyone could’ve guessed. He’s earned the respect.

All we got is all we need.

And all we want ... is everything.

Yup. Just one win away from going to the game that matters most.

Time to get it done on Sunday.