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Roger Goodell will attend the NFC Championship Game, which might actually be good news for the Eagles?

The commish is coming to Philly.

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be in attendance for Sunday’s NFC Championship between the Eagles and Vikings in Philadelphia.

But before you start to groan ... maybe this is actually a good thing?

Hear me out.

The last Eagles game Goodell attended was earlier this season in Week 4, when Philadelphia defeated the Los Angeles Chargers.

OK, so that’s just one game. But the last time Goodell attended a league event in Philadelphia was the 2017 NFL Draft. And the Eagles drafted Derek Barnett that night! With the pick they got from the Vikings.

So, good things have happened to the Eagles when Goodell has been around. Maybe that’ll continue on Sunday.

I mean, can the commish really expect to have his safety guaranteed if there are a bunch of angry fans in Philly after an Eagles loss? He might need to pull some strings for his own sake. (Please don’t actually attack the commissoner.)