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NFL Network host goes on another epic rant about the Eagles ahead of NFC Championship Game

This guy gets it.

NFL: JAN 13 NFC Divisional Playoff  Falcons at Eagles

NFL Network host Kyle Brandt caught everyone’s attention last week with his epic rant about the Philadelphia Eagles being underdogs to the Atlanta Falcons.

Now Brandt is back with another rant since the Eagles are underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. This one is pretty good, too. Check out what he had to say on Good Morning Football:


My under appreciated is the Minnesota Vikings. They are favored in Philadelphia, and they’re not nearly favored by enough. I truly have looked at this. I think they’re the ones getting disrespected. I want double digits. I want two touchdowns. This game, what it really is, it’s a nice little tune-up for the Vikings’ home Super Bowl, alright? They should request — in writing — for the Eagles, at the end of their blowout loss, to run some Patriots formations so they can get ready for a couple weeks from now.

That’s how I want this chatter if I’m in Philadelphia. More. Because they won’t give you a thing. People even think that the football gods are on the Vikings’ side, which is ridiculous. The Vikings survived after a rookie safety made a mental mistake. Philly survived three end zone shots to Julio Jones inside the 10-yard line! Which sounds like an act of God to you? The Eagles, amen!

Because this is now bigger, guys. This is bigger than the Eagles. This is not about the team. This is about the city. Find me a winner in Philly, and I will find you someone predicting they’ll be a loser.

Allen Iverson was too small, would eventually get broken in the NBA.

Brian Westbrook was too small, would eventually get crushed in the NFL.

Bobby Clarke was a diabetic. You couldn’t draft him in the first rounds. There’s red flags there.

Will Smith was a bankrupt rapper getting his wages garnished and hoping his sitcom pilot worked.

Kevin Hart was getting booed off the stage at Philadelphia’s Laff House, had to break his back to get a role in Soul Plane.

Hall & Oates couldn’t buy a hit. They bombed for three straight albums. They were THIS close to jumping on a cruise ship to sing Danke Schoen. It almost didn’t work out.

And I think most importantly during Championship week, it is important to remember this.

A long time ago, there was another young, scrappy team in Philadelphia that was an underdog on its own turf. And that team came to be known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And the colonials heard the same noise.

‘Their defenses are too strong! Their ground assault is too powerful!’

Let me them come. Let them learn that one man defending his home is more powerful than 10 men invading it.

Let the Vikings ride this wave of being the country’s new sweethearts. I’ve heard it this week: ‘Without the Vikings, there would be no one for America to root for.’

Without the city of Philadelphia, there would be no America!

Let the Vikings have Grandma Millie, she’s 99 years old. The Eagles have Uncle Sam, he’s 242!

This city and these Eagles know that the two greatest chips on the Americans’ shoulder are taxation without representation and no respect despite domination.

Washington. Hamilton. Pederson. Roseman. THESE COLORS DON’T RUN! And on Sunday against that Eagles D, neither will the Vikings!

Don’t tread on me, and don’t ever disrespect the womb of democracy!

Put your bets on Philadelphia, Fly Eagles Fly to Minnesota, and God Bless America. Under appreciated.

That’s right! Both foreign and domestic, all enemies at Lincoln Financial. That’s right.

Hamilton, Roseman, Pederson, Jefferson. That’s right!

They’re coming into Lincoln! No one ever believed in Lincoln, either! They counted them all out! Philadelphia.


Doug Pederson was the same age as George Washington was, when the British surrendered at Yorktown. Coincidence? We’ll see! We’ll see. We’ll see.

Awesome. And so true.

George Washington: First President of the United States.

Doug Pederson: First Eagles head coach to win the Super Bowl?

We’ll see, indeed.

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