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Eagles fan arrested for punching horse in the face

Don’t be this guy.

Ambitious (JPN) at Caulfield Race Day Alice Laidlaw/Racing Photos via Getty Images

There are so many genuinely awesome Philadelphia Eagles in the world. I would know because I interact with so many of them on a daily basis here at Bleeding Green Nation.

But sometimes there’s a bad egg in the bunch. That was the case at Lincoln Financial Field at Saturday’s Eagles-Falcons playoff game. One Eagles fan got arrested for ... punching a horse in the face.

Eagles fan Taylor Hendricks may have a story to tell after Saturday’s big Eagles win at the Linc. Like the one where police say he got ejected from the game, then repeatedly punched a police horse in the face, before striking a Philadelphia police officer.

Police say it all started when the 22-year-old Whitehall Township resident got ejected from the Eagles-Falcons game for being intoxicated and not having a ticket. After he got tossed, police say Hendricks approached a mounted police officer—punching his horse repeatedly in the face and neck, then striking the officer in the legs.


Don’t be this guy. Don’t be the moron who perpetuates the dumb stereotype that Philly fans are bad fans.

Besides, horses are nice creatures. There was a horse farm across from my grandparents’ home growing up. Sometimes we’d go over by the fence to pet them. They never did anything to deserve being punched in the face. I can’t imagine the one in this story did, either.

The Eagles need you to be loud and proud at Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. They do not need you to be an idiot.