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These impassioned locker room speeches after the Eagles’ playoff win were great

“Shock the world”

NFL: JAN 13 NFC Divisional Playoff  Falcons at Eagles

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has delivered some pretty good locker room speeches after victories this season. His performance after Philadelphia’s playoff win over the Atlanta Falcons was no exception.

Just look at the fire Dougie P was showing:

“The word was yet. The word was yet. We ain’t done … YET! Alright?!”

“I am so freaking proud of every one of you men. I can’t believe it. Well, I can believe it. Because you know what? ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW, WE COME BACK TOGETHER AND WE SHOCK THE WORLD AGAIN! You got it? Let’s get this job done! Great job, men!”

Great stuff.

Malcolm Jenkins’ speech was pretty good, too.

We believe in everybody that’s in this circle, man. You know what I’m saying? If this don’t prove it, if you don’t believe it yet, man, go home. Cause we taking this all the way, man. We’re going to enjoy this and next week, that NFC Championship is coming through us. We’re going to turn it up, man, focus back on the process, get back on our grind, and we’re going to show up next week and shock the world.

The Eagles were understandably ecstatic after their first playoff win. But they know the job isn’t done yet.

One more win to get to Super Bowl 52.

And then one more to win the whole effing thing.

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