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Almost everyone is betting and picking against the Eagles in the Falcons game

Eagles have the Falcons right where they want them.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t just underdogs in Las Vegas, where the odds-makers still have the Atlanta Falcons favored by three points.

The Eagles are underdogs nearly everywhere. Almost no one is taking them to win in the Divisional Round of the 2018 NFL Playoffs this weekend.

According to Bovada, only 23% of the public — 23%! — are betting on the Eagles this weekend. And that’s not even people necessarily picking them to win outright. That’s picking the Eagles to either win or at least cover the three-point spread.

As you can see, there are more people taking the TENNESSEE TITANS to cover against the New England Patriots. Now, 14 points is a lot, sure, but come on. The Titans stink, and it’s the Patriots they’re facing. A Patriots team that will surely be pissed off following last week’s ESPN report, mind you.

Now, there’s still for the Eagles-Falcons line to shift. And I think it will prior to kickoff. I do believe the “smart money” will come in late on the Eagles and we’ll see them bumped down to like a 2-point or 1-point underdog. But we’ll see.

In the meantime, it’s not just the public doubting the Eagles. A ton of sports writers are picking against them as well. Here’s a little roundup I conducted.

Bleeding Green Nation

OK, so all the BGN writers are taking the Eagles this week (shocker) ... except for one! That’ll be revealed in tomorrow’s game picks post. What a traitor.

SB Nation

Only two out of eight writers are taking the Eagles.


Zero out of three NFL executives are taking the Eagles.

Two out of 11 “ESPN NFL Insiders” are taking the Eagles.

One out of eight NFL analysts are taking the Eagles.


Two out of nine writers are taking the Eagles.

NFL dot com

One writer is picking against the Eagles.

Sporting News

One writer is picking against the Eagles.

Sports Illustrated

Three out of six writers are taking the Eagles.


BGN alumnus Jimmy Kempski thinks the Eagles are gonna lose. Total traitor.

Inquirer and Daily News

Two out of four writers are taking the Eagles.


After tallying it up, only 22.7% of the writers included here (not counting BGN) picked the Eagles to beat the Falcons.

Listen. I know there are major concerns about the Eagles ... especially with Nick Foles at quarterback. No one is going to mistake me as his biggest fan.

But I think it’s silly to act like the Eagles have no chance. They still have a good defense. They’re still playing at home.

And since when the eff did the Falcons become this juggernaut everyone is making them out to be? I get it, they went to the Super Bowl last year. But come on, they’re not the same team. And if they are, why were they six-point underdogs to the Rams last week?! Everyone was picking Los Angeles to beat them. Now all of a sudden they beat the Rams and suddenly the Falcons were actually great all along.


Now I’m convinced. Eagles gonna get that W this Saturday.


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