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Philadelphia Eagles release hype video before first playoff game

“In a city with this much will, there must be a way.”

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We are only TWO DAYS AWAY from the Philadelphia Eagles’ first playoff game since January 2014.

That’s right, it’s been four years since the Eagles have played post-season football. You have to go back even longer to find the Eagles’ last playoff win. That was nine years ago in January 2009.

So, yeah, Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons is a pretty big deal.

And now is the time to start getting fired up for it. The Eagles released the following hype video in order to help you out.

Did you expect to be here?

He expected it.

He always expects it.

No one could have expected this.

But it doesn’t matter how we got here. Or what we looked like along the way.

All that matters is finding a way to keep this going.

So find the strength.

Find an inch.

Find a seam.

Or make your own.

Find your lane.

Find some daylight.

Find a shirt.

Because more of this, means more of this.

So find power.

Find inspiration.

Find inspiration from a higher power.

Just find us another game day.

Because in a city with this much will, there must be a way.

Just win, baby.

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