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Eagles have signs posted all around their facility to remind the team they’re underdogs this week

The Eagles are taking this underdog thing seriously.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the fact that some Eagles coaches and players have tried to downplay the idea Philadelphia is embracing the underdog role against the Falcons this week, it’s very clear that’s exactly what the team is doing.

And the NovaCare signage is just one example. You can tell these Eagles players aren’t happy about being the first ever No. 1 seed in NFL history to be underdogs at home.

Earlier this week, Fletcher Cox said the Eagles felt “disrespected.” Lane Johnson said he’s been bothered that people have been treating the Eagles like they’re the Browns.

This doesn’t sound like a team that’s ready to go down without a fight. Rather, they’re ready to pull out all the stops. Doug Pederson is showing more fire than usual. He’s also counting on the Super Bowl champion vets to share their experiences. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich is advocating for Nick Foles to be more aggressive. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is calling on the fans to have a big impact on Saturday’s game.

Now, none of this means anything if the Eagles don’t PLAY like they’ve been disrespected. But you should have some hope that won’t be the case. This team is angry. This team wants to prove their doubters wrong.

Time to back it up on Saturday night.

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