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13 highlights from Jeffrey Lurie’s impromptu Eagles press conference

Hear from the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie woke up this morning and decided he should have a press conference since he hasn’t spoken to the media since March. I’m not kidding, by the way, that’s really how he explained his impromptu press conference to reporters on Thursday afternoon.

Here are some highlights from what Lurie had to say just a few days before the first game of the Eagles’ 2017 season.

Lurie is still interested in bringing Kelly Green back as an alternate jersey

Back in the spring, the Eagles proposed a resolution change to allow teams to wear alternate helmets. They ultimately withdrew it, though, due to a lack of support.

Lurie admitted that the change was proposed with Kelly Green alternates in mind. Lurie said he’s still working on the proposal.

Lurie is very satisfied with Howie Roseman (and Joe Douglas)

We recently ran a Howie Roseman approval poll here at Bleeding Green Nation. Roseman earned an 84% rating from the fans.

Roseman seems to have 100% approval from Lurie, though, despite the reality the Eagles are 56-56 and 0-2 in the playoffs (both first round exits) since Roseman was promoted to general manager in 2010. There’s obviously debate about what Roseman has/hasn’t been responsible for in the past. Still, Roseman can only last so much longer without a single playoff win.

Lurie seems confident the Eagles will win a playoff game(s) in the near future now that Roseman has acquired Carson Wentz.

Lurie set the expectation for the Eagles to improve in 2017

Lurie made it clear that he expects to see improvement this year. The Eagles went 7-9 last season (and the year before that) so it sounds like another similar season wouldn’t cut it by his standards.

Lurie expects to see improvement from Carson Wentz

Lurie said he expects Wentz to be significantly better than last year. He also expects him to continue on that path in future seasons.

Lurie defended Eagles head coach Doug Pederson

Lurie qualified Mike Lombardi’s comments about Pederson as “clickbait” and “hot takes.” Lurie also pointed to three key areas while praising Pederson: “quarterback analysis, locker room chemistry, and the ability to put together a top notch coaching staff.”

Lurie explained Pederson’s aggression on fourth down isn’t just by the head coach’s choice

The math shows that Pederson is usually right to go for it. This is an overblown criticism of the Eagles head coach.

Lurie expressed his feelings on social justice demonstrations

It's a big problem in America, social injustice. It's a big problem around the globe. Anybody who wants to do proactive things, to try to reverse social injustice, I'm all in favor of. It has to be respectful. It certainly has to respect the military and the people that serve, the women and men that serve our country, emergency responders, whoever that is. You've got to, I think, do it in a respectful way.

But I applaud anybody that can find respectful ways of trying to use their platform in some way to discuss social injustice. We all need to discuss it. We've all seen it around us. We live in a city that has a lot of it. There are multiple issues. They're not simply racial issues. There are a lot of economic issues.

Players have grit and determination. There's no boundary on how that grit and determination gets expressed. I'm not talking about Colin here. I'm just talking about the concept of social injustice in America and elsewhere.

Sports is an opportunity to bring people together. I see it as an opportunity. I applaud when players can bring communities together. We see it all the time, and I think it's great.

Lurie is unsure if the Eagles would sign Colin Kaepernick

There was some thought the Eagles might need Kaepernick if Foles couldn’t get healthy.

Lurie has a close relationship with certain players

After Jason Peters signed a contract extension with this Eagles earlier this year, he mentioned how he’s best friends with Lurie. Lurie was asked about that.

Lurie wants Philadelphia to host the NFL Draft again in the future

The 2017 NFL Draft in Philly was a huge success but there’s speculation it could be held in Dallas in 2018.

Lurie wasn’t optimistic about Philadelphia’s chances of hosting a Super Bowl

Lurie has expressed interest in hosting a Super Bowl at Lincoln Financial Field but made it seem like the NFL doesn’t have much interest in outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowls.

Lurie has no plans to sell the team

Lurie is here to stay.

Lurie shared a funny story about Andy Reid

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