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2017 NFL Season Predictions

What are your expectations for this year?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Before the 2017 NFL season officially kicks off tonight, here are some predictions for the upcoming year. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am and make your own predictions in the comments below this post.

Eagles Record Prediction

9-7 - (Game-by-game breakdown)

Breaking down the schedule even more:

First quarter | Second quarter | Third quarter | Fourth quarter

Division Outlook


NFC East

1) Eagles

2) Cowboys

3) Giants

4) Washington

NFC North

1) Packers

2) Vikings

3) Lions

4) Bears

NFC South

1) Falcons

2) Panthers

3) Buccaneers

4) Saints

NFC West

1) Seahawks

2) Cardinals

3) 49ers

4) Rams


AFC East

1) Patriots

2) Dolphins

3) Bills

4) Jets

AFC North

1) Steelers

2) Ravens

3) Bengals

4) Browns

AFC South

1) Titans

2) Texans

3) Jaguars

4) Colts

AFC West

1) Raiders

2) Chiefs

3) Broncos

4) Chargers

2017 NFL Playoffs


1) Seahawks

2) Packers

3) Falcons

4) Eagles

5) Vikings

6) Cardinals

NFC Wildcard

Eagles over Vikings, Falcons over Cardinals

NFC Divisional

Seahawks over Eagles, Packers over Falcons

NFC Championsip Game

Seahawks over Packers


1) Patriots

2) Steelers

3) Raiders

4) Titans

5) Chiefs

6) Ravens

AFC Wildcard

Raiders over Ravens, Chiefs over Titans

AFC Divisional

Patriots over Chiefs, Steelers over Raiders

AFG Championship Game

Patriots over Steelers

Super Bowl 2017

AFC Champion - Patriots

NFC Champion - Seahawks

Super Bowl Champion - Patriots


MVP - Tom Brady

Offensive Player of the Year - David Johnson

Defensive Player of the Year - J.J. Watt

Offensive Rookie of the Year - Christian McCaffrey

Defensive Rookie of the Year - Derek Barnett

Comeback Player of the Year - J.J. Watt

Coach of the Year - Doug Pederson

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