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Eagles News: Jeffrey Lurie supports Doug Pederson’s decisions to be aggressive

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/30/17.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Doug Pederson's fourth-down aggressiveness has Lurie's support - Inquirer
“I just want to sort of explain to you how those decisions get made because it should really take some of the burden off … any coach in the league,” Lurie said Sept. 7. “For a lot of teams — and ours is one — it’s all in the offseason done with mathematics. It’s not based on any form of instinct.” Lurie conceded that there were a few situations in which instinct was necessary – when the math was 50-50, 48-52 – but, in truth, situational football isn’t as black and white. Pederson had to gauge more than just the down, length, field position, quarter, and score before deciding whether to roll the dice. But Lurie’s greater point was that the NFL, by and large, had been too conservative and that old-school coaches and their defenders in the media had failed to adopt a more analytical approach to calling a game.

Chargers writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles will beat Los Angeles - BGN
Sadly, the primary reason the passing offense has been ineffective is Philip Rivers. He is the best quarterback in franchise history (and the Chargers are a franchise that has had some exceptional quarterbacks including Hall of Famer Dan Fouts). For years he was the only one keeping the offense moving at all. But now, Rivers is a playing like a shell of his former self. His footwork is a mess. His decision making is terrible. He seems to make up his mind pre-snap and lock in on a receiver whether or not he is covered. He makes mistakes that would get a younger quarterback benched.

Eagles Game Preview: The Chargers are a team without a home -
Vince Quinn and John Barchard go over the up and downs of the Chargers moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. How much has that effected their 0-3 start? The Eagles seem to matchup pretty well but John thinks line is screaming for a Chargers victory. PLUS, Doug needs a new line with updating injury reports and a lot more!

Wendell Smallwood is improving as an all-around running back, with gifs and stuff - PhillyVoice
Smallwood has worked hard at his pass protection skills, and it showed on Sunday against the Giants. "It's always been an area that needed to get better, and Duce [Staley] has been harping on it," said Smallwood. "As far as me and the running back room, we've been getting a lot of practice at it. We watched the film today, and he said 'Some of those drills are working, and we're going to do some more.' It's been getting better for all of us in that room, and I think with me, as far as using the right technique and being in the right places, it has helped me a lot." Let's take a look at the tape, and show why Staley has reason to be encouraged by Smallwood in pass protection on Sunday.

Off to San Diego - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles got really creative with how they were going to lose on the road. That has to change this year if the team is going to take the next step and become a winning team. Instead of making critical mistakes, they need to start making critical plays. The team did that in D.C., but not in KC. That’s what makes this Chargers game so interesting. This is a long trip, but there won’t be significant crowd noise to overcome. The Chargers don’t have any home field mystique at the new venue. This is a road game, but isn’t like any game the Eagles have played in a long time.

Q&A with Joe Banner: On 4th-down decisions, analytics and acquiring Jason Peters - The Athletic
And he has clearly, since the day he started — and I do believe this is an organizational mindset, not just Doug — decided to be on the more aggressive side of things. So I don't think there's legitimate criticism. It didn't work so the hindsight is always 20/20. But thinking that the defense is playing well and gave them a chance to move the ball, they were kicking off in the second half so you didn't want to be up only 7-0 and have dominated the game and find yourself in a tie game three minutes into the third quarter. So I understand that it didn't work out. But at the time, given the information he had to make that decision and the way the game was going, I think it was a reasonable decision.

Can Defense Continue To Thrive? -
Beau Allen is using air quotes when he talks about backups. Not backups, says Allen. “Backups,” as in there really is no such thing in the NFL, as the Eagles are finding out with a defense that keeps on ticking in the face of some injuries threatening the foundation of the group ...

Jeffrey Lurie’s Long, Strange Trip - PhillyMag
Once upon a time, a wealthy and sensitive man arrived in Philadelphia, determined to find his place in the world while giving rabid Eagles fans the championship they deserved. More than two decades later, Jeffrey Lurie is still hard at work on both.

Copycat league: Will teams attack Eagles' D the way Giants did? - CSN Philly
So did the Giants leave a blueprint? Is this how teams will try to attack the Eagles in the future? "We'll see," safety Malcolm Jenkins said. "I think the Giants' offensive line was struggling before they got to us so I think that was an obvious matchup or concern for them was our rush. I'm not sure how teams will see that, if they feel confident they can block them up. The Giants, they were a quick-passing game anyway, where I think the Chargers are a little bit more downfield, a little more vertical of a pass game. But I do think there will be opponents all year that if they can, will try to get rid of the ball a little quicker just to alleviate that rush."

Carson Wentz’s improvement in second season is encouraging for Eagles - Washington Post
Three weeks into Carson Wentz’s sophomore season, the Philadelphia Eagles sit on a 2-1 record after having beaten two divisional rivals in the Redskins and Giants. While there are other important factors, the development of Wentz is by far the Eagles’ most important going forward. He is currently ninth in the league in passing yards per game average and is fourth in number of passes attempted. Until this weekend against the Giants, the Eagles had relied heavily on Wentz to carry the offense and a lackluster run game. So how is Wentz doing in his development? He has shown some encouraging signs of future potential, even if there are still some areas in which he needs to improve.

Philadelphia Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins' next goal: passing new legislation - ESPN
Instead, Jenkins and other members of the ever-growing players coalition are focused on taking advantage of the oversized megaphones suddenly in their hands to draw attention to the issues that they are demonstrating in the name of. That’s why Jenkins, along with teammates Chris Long, Torrey Smith and Rodney McLeod, as well as coalition co-leader Anquan Boldin, penned a letter to Pennsylvania legislators strongly endorsing the Clean Slate Act, which they believe will reduce recidivism by automatically sealing records for those who have a non-violent, misdemeanor record from 10 years ago, thereby increasing the chances that they can find employment and housing.

32 Observations, Week 3 - PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: All four of the Eagles starting defensive linemen have three or more sacks and hits combined. They are one of just two teams where each of the primary four pass rushers each have gotten to the quarterback that many times.

Eagles Writer Gives 3 Reasons Why the Chargers Will Beat Philadelphia - Bolts From The Blue
Bolts From The Blue previewed the game with Bleeding Green Nation earlier today in our Five Questions With The Enemy feature. And now we have three reasons why the Eagles could lose by BGN’s Brandon Lee Gowton. Check out Bleeding Green Nation to see why I think the Chargers could lose.

7 things to watch in NFL’s Week 4: Tom Brady could set yet another record - SB Nation
Plus, a few heated rivals will go at it, and London-born Jay Ajayi finally gets to play in his hometown.

Circa Survive has a new album: The Amulet -
Philly-based band that features our big Eagles fan friend and occasional BGN / BGN Radio contributor Brendan Ekstrom (guitar). Go check them out.


I did a number of radio/podcast interviews in recent days. Check them out below.


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