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This might be the best call of Jake Elliott’s game-winning Eagles field goal


New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

One day later and I still can’t believe Philadelphia Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliott made that 61-yard field goal to defeat the New York Giants. He really did it.

We already took a look at some of the best calls of the kick from yesterday, but here’s a call that might be the best one yet. This one comes from Rickie Ricardo, who does play-by-play for the Eagles Spanish Radio Network (1340 AM in Philadelphia and 1110 AM in Allentown).

Just listen to this:

“Sí Señor! Sí Señor! Sí Señor! Sí Señor! Sí Señor! JAKE ELLIOTT!”

Here’s a video of him calling the play in the booth along with Felix DeJesus and Will Kulik.

Elliott approves of the call.

While we’re at it, here’s a great video of Merrill Reese’s call. Look how fired up he is!

Merrill and Ricky, just two radio legends doing what they do best.

I vividly remember how angry a young BLG was when Matt Bryant hit that stupid 62-yard field goal in that Eagles-Buccaneers game in 2006. It feels much better finally being on the other end of one of those kicks this time.

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