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The NFC East is back!

You didn’t ask for more, but you’re getting it

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Week 1 is in the books and it was a glorious one for the NFC East. Two teams are already in last place and the QB takes are getting fired up. What more could you ask for? (Good football?) Let’s review.

Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

Last Week: Scored more points than the Giants, winning 19-6.

If you didn’t watch the game, you’d think the Cowboys defense carried the game, rather than the Giants already mediocre-at-best offense being hapless without their only good player. 12 of Eli Manning’s 29 completions were to running backs, a Week 1 high, and Manning attempted just one pass of over 15 yards against a secondary that had Nolan Carroll playing every snap. No defense is getting gashed with that kind of game plan (see: Eagles, 2016), so of course Rod Marinelli gets all the credit. Cowboys football is back! The Giants gave the Cowboys offense two of their worst games last season and it was more of the same on Sunday night. Dak Prescott didn’t help himself with several off target throws, and he once again struggled to find Dez Bryant (2 receptions on 9 targets, which is an improvement from his combined 2 receptions on 14 targets vs. the Giants last year). Ezekiel Elliott’s 4.3 yards per carry was the fifth worst game of his career to date, with. The Cowboys haven’t figured out the Giants defense. Store that one for later.

This Week: At Denver, where marijuana is legal, perhaps Ezekiel Elliott will not go to a weed store this time.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

Last Week: Beat the Redskins 30-17.

Carson Wentz threw two touchdowns and a fumble, LeGarrette Blount fell forward 14 times, the Eagles defense managed to not give up 150 rushing yards to whoever is playing running back for the Redskins, and Ryan Kerrigan had a good game against the Eagles. Football is back baby. The Eagles remain undefeated when Nelson Agholor catches a touchdown. Jim Schwartz high fived Doug Pederson, so everything is fine now.

This Week: Visit a real offense and defense as they head to Kansas City.

Washington Redskins (0-1)

Last Week: Lost to the Eagles 30-17.

The Redskins are paying Kurt Cousins $23.9 million this year and DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon $0. It should be the other way around. Cousins looked like a guy who has been propped up for years by his supporting cast, the wheels predictably came off when a bulk of it left. Josh Norman is being paid $20 million to let guys who caught 20 passes last year run by him. Redskins football is back! At least they’re getting their money with Terrelle Pryor and his as advertised high volume target and garbage time production, Pryor was thrown to 11 times and 42 of his 66 yards came in the 2nd half. Cousins led the team in rushing yards and yards per attempt.

This Week: The student turned master faces the guy he worked for as the Redskins visit their old offensive coordinator Sean McVay when they take on the Rams.

New York Giants (0-1)

Last Week: Lost to the Cowboys 19-3.

Holding out is rarely good for a player, it’s hard to step right into a team after the season has started and play great, and the ill will created helps no one. It’s better to be injured, where a team has to accept your unavailability and also accept that without you, they’re screwed. So it was a great start to the season for Odell Beckham Jr., who missed the season opener with injury and demonstrated to all that without him the Giants offense is possibly the worst in the league. The Giants are the second highest scoring team “from” New York City in the NFL as the Jets quadrupled their offensive output. The Giants still can’t run the ball, block anyone, or get mileage out of their other WRs. Big Blue is back!

This Week: Host the Lions, this game is on Monday night for some reason.

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