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Eagles linebacker explains the second year transition

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He’s got it figured out

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The transition from a player’s rookie season to his second season is generally one of the biggest improvements a player makes. In their first year, players have to adjust to a new league, new coaching staff, new playbook, new teammates and sometimes even a new position. The second year is considerably easier when all of those are more familiar, but there are also off the field adjustments a player has to learn.

Second year linebacker Don Cherry explains the learning curve:

Cherry: So last year, I found myself laying on the floor a lot and I was trying to found couch space and places to lay so this year before camp I was thinking about what I could get and I experimented with a couple of different things and then I found this on Amazon. A nice little hammock for myself.

Question: Are you an outdoorsman?

Cherry: I’m just a big advocate of the hammock I think it’s one of man’s best inventions ever. Hammocks and pretzels are probably my two favorite things so yeah I love hammocks. So when I saw this on Amazon I thought why not, see how this works. And it’s actually working perfectly.

The pretzel and the hammock are both really good inventions, so Cherry isn’t wrong. He looks pretty comfortable. That’s some veteran savvy.