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The Bills are now basically the Eagles

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Eagles North

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Some fans have a second team, a team generally in another conference that they can enjoy succeeding without worrying about it interfering with the team they’re passionate about. Sometimes it’s simply that they’re transplants and they wind up caring a bit about the local team. Sometimes it’s a sentimental attachment to a player or even a coach to find success elsewhere. Or maybe they’re a parent’s favorite team, or a spouse’s. Whatever the reason, it’s not abnormal to have another team you care about.

If you’re looking for such a team this year but don’t know who to pick, well, you’re in luck. Being an Eagles fan during this decade means you’re already halfway to being a Buffalo Bills fan in 2017. They’re basically the Eagles North!

Familiar frustration

It’s been frustrating being an Eagles fan lately. By comparison to the Bills though, it’s been great. You can remember Eagles playoff games, the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999, haven’t won a playoff game since 1995. By that measure, they’re the most futile team in the league, even the Browns and Jaguars have made the playoffs more recently. Taking the Bills as your second team will make you feel better about being an Eagles fan.

You get the coach you probably wanted

Sean McDermott was deservedly fired as Eagles defensive coordinator after the 2010 season. He then took the same job under former Eagles linebacker coach Ron Rivera, and when the Eagles were looking for a new coach in 2016, 70% of readers were in favor of hiring him. If you wanted him as your coach, well, now you can have him!

They’ve got a fan favorite

Upset that LeSean McCoy was traded? Now it’ll be like he never left!

And some non-favorites

Remember Jordan Poyer and Colt Anderson? They’re there too, though Anderson is on IR.

They’re living the meme

For years, Eagles fans wanted Anquan Boldin in all his spellings (I actually typed that as Bolden the first time out of habit), and for good reason, the guy was just a damn good player. He had the worst season of his career last year in Detroit, so he’s probably terrible now, but finally a team you can care about has Boldin.*

They also signed a fullback in Patrick DiMarco, and what Eagles fan doesn’t love a fullback?

*until Boldin is cut when rosters reduce to 53 men, it’ll be like having Frank Gore again!

A band is back together

You might need to learn nearly a whole new roster, but rest assured that behind the scenes, there are quite a few former Eagles.

Derek Boyko, who spent 17 years with the Eagles in their PR department, joined the Bills in the offseason. On Sean McDermott’s staff is former Eagles offensive line coach, defensive coordinator, and punching bag Juan Castillo, former Eagles wide receivers coach David Culley, former Eagles defensive backs coach Leslie Frazier, and former Eagles receiver and drive killer Chad Hall.

They drafted a Dawkins

Dion Dawkins!

Circle those wagons

With the Jets tanking and the Dolphins prime for a regression with Ryan Tannehill out, second place is a real possibility for the Bills, which makes a wild card spot feasible, though difficult. This might be a good time to jump aboard the Bills bandwagon. You’re already halfway there at this point.