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Corey Graham: Seven things to know about the new Eagles defensive back

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Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles made a somewhat surprising signing on Thursday by inking Corey Graham to a one-year contract.

What makes this signing interesting is that the Eagles listed him at safety despite seemingly having ample competition there. Meanwhile, Philadelphia still really needs help at cornerback.

It just so happens that Graham had the best season of his 10-year career under Jim Schwartz in Buffalo. Via Pro Football Focus:

PFF has been able to capture all 5539 of Graham’s career snaps since he came into the league in 2007. His best season came in 2014 with the Buffalo Bills (under Schwartz) where he actually played left cornerback. His 84.3 overall grade ranked 11th among cornerbacks that year. That year he had 2 INTs and 11 pass deflections

It would seem like the Eagles should at least give Graham a shot at corner. The team needs a lot of help there so it’s worth seeing how he fares in practice.

Along with this PFF stat, here are six other things to know about Graham via an interview with Matt Warren of Buffalo Rumblings.

1 - What was the reaction when the Bills cut Graham? What’s the reaction from Bills fans about the Eagles signing him?

His play had declined slightly and Bills fans understood it was financial. Our team is starting over so it makes sense. He's from Buffalo which added a little more sadness.

2 - What are his strengths?

He is very experienced and a good tackler. He also contributed on special teams.

3 - What his weaknesses?

His range is declining.

4 - The Eagles need more help at corner than they do safety. Do you think Graham can still play CB despite recently turning 32? How did Graham play at corner under Jim Schwartz in 2014?

I wouldn't play him at corner at this point in his career. His legs are what caused him to be on the outs in Buffalo. Graham filled in at corner but it was because they had safeties but didn't have healthy corners.

5 - I noticed one Buffalo Rumblings article described Graham as a “fan favorite.” Why was that the case?

Mainly because he was a local-boy-makes-good story then left the Ravens and came home to Buffalo in free agency. We have a bit of an inferiority complex up here so we celebrate winners.

6 - What was your impression of him off the field?

Great leader and teammate. Always well spoken when the media talked to him. Good guy all around.