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Eagles-Jets Preseason Preview: Five questions and answers

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An opponent's perspective on the upcoming Eagles game.

NFL: Preaseason-New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles’ fourth and final preseason game takes place tomorrow night at MetLife Stadium. The Birds are taking on the New York Jets in the annual preseason garbage time bowl.

In order to preview this matchup for some reason, I reached out to our friends over at Gang Green Nation. Michael aka GangGreeninYonkers (@nyjnyknyy) kindly took the time to answer my questions about the upcoming game. Let's take a look at the answers.

Who do you think the Jets should start at quarterback this season and why? How many games do you expect the team to win?

In my opinion, at this point it should be Bryce Petty. Christian Hackenberg has gotten extended opportunity to show what he's got and has completely flopped. Petty led the Jets to more points in the Giants game (22) than Hackenberg has in all of his Jets preseason games combined (16), even if it has been against 2nd/3rd stringers. He also has some starting experience from last year, even if he was awful in that time.

Few are in support of Hack getting the Week 1 start at this point after his performances. However, some would be OK with Josh McCown, considering either his struggles or injury issues will inevitably hand the job over to one of the young QBs, likely early in the season. I disagree with this idea, since McCown has gotten very little action in preseason to prepare and has gradually seen his practice reps decline to near zero. Regardless, it's very likely both Petty and Hackenberg are going to get a chance this season, and that will be their time to show what they have even if it isn't Week 1.

As for their record, I'd peg them at 4 wins. This is an extremely young and by no means a playoff-caliber team, but they're not the 0-16 caliber team they're made out to be. They have some talent and depth on defense, and they will win a few games. Even if it is an above-average defensive unit, which it could be, it will be hard for them to carry arguably the worst offense in the league.

2 - What’s your level of confidence in former Eagles defensive coordinator and NYJ head coach Todd Bowles?

Bowles' 10-6 record with Ryan Fitzpatrick and spotless reputation among NFL peers will always give him some supporters, but record aside the questionable decisions have begun piling up. The secondary, the part of the defense of which he won a Super Bowl as a player, was a mess of communication issues last season. His game management has been spotty at best. Miscues include wasted timeouts, not going for two late in a win at Buffalo in a clear "go for two" situation, and punting down two scores late in a game at Pittsburgh. Even if they don't win many games this season, Bowles still has to show some growth as a game manager and developer of talent, especially on defense, his supposed speciality.

3 - You already gave us some insight on the Dexter McDougle trade (click here). But why do you think the Jets wanted Terrence Brooks?

Doug Middleton, a promising young safety, did go down for the year earlier in the preseason, so his injury could have to do with it. They also just traded another respected reserve safety, Ronald Martin, so perhaps the Jets see something in his athleticism and think they can develop him. Safety would be close to the bottom of the list of team needs, however, so their motivation is hard to decipher.

4 - Who are some of the Jets' depth players to keep an eye on in this game? Who do you expect to stand out?

The young wide receivers, specifically rookies ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen, have begun to flash quite a bit. The reserve front seven has also consistently dominated throughout the first three games. Julian Stanford, Josh Martin and Corey Lemonier are among the front seven members who have made some noise. Rookie running back Elijah McGuire has also seen quite a few big plays wiped away by penalties and could have a big role in the game.

5 - Let’s say you can take one player from the Eagles’ roster. Who would it be?

It's got to be Philly's golden boy, Carson Wentz. You know we're talking about the Jets, right? Any real sliver of promise and talent at the quarterback position is all fans of this team have been wanting for a long time.

Bonus: Score prediction?

Score Prediction: Jets 6, Eagles 24.