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8 thoughts on the Jon Dorenbos trade

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Breaking down the deal.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Dorenbos is no longer a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The team traded him to the New Orleans Saints on Monday evening in exchange for a seventh-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Here are some thoughts on the deal.

The trade is definitely a bummer

Dorenbos was the Eagles’ longest tenured player. He’s a great locker room presence. His life story is inspirational. He was also a pretty great long snapper. It’s sad to know the magic man won’t be around anymore. It would’ve been ideal for him to finish out his career in Philadelphia. We’ll miss you, Jon.

But the trade is also a no-brainer

I know a lot of people are bummed about Dorenbos being gone, but this trade is a no-brainer from a business perspective. Long snappers aren’t worth very much. Getting a seventh-round pick for virtually any snapper is likely a good deal. Getting a seventh-round pick for a snapper who is 37 years old and coming off injury? That’s an easy call. Dorenbos could potentially retire as soon as next offseason. Might as well get something for him while you can.

It sounds like Dorenbos wasn’t going to make the team anyway

Jeff McLane notes the Eagles were going to cut Dorenbos if they didn’t trade him. Getting a pick for him is better than releasing him for nothing. The trade also ensures a new home for Dorenbos instead of making him compete with a number of players who will be free agents after final cuts take place this weekend.

Note that this trade trims the roster down to 86 players. The Eagles have until 4:00 PM ET on Saturday, Sept. 2 to get to the 53-man limit.

The Eagles are confident in Rick Lovato

It’s not like the Eagles traded Dorenbos without having a replacement plan in place. Rick Lovato has been with the team since last December. He’s had enough time to build chemistry with holder Donnie Jones and kicker Caleb Sturgis. The Eagles seem pretty confident in the 24-year-old snapper.

Click here to read more about Lovato (no relation to Demi).

The Eagles saved cap space

Trading Dorenbos allowed the Eagles to save $825,000 in cap room compared to $262,500 in dead money. It’s not like that’s a huge savings, but every bit helps considering Philadelphia is currently projected to have the lowest amount of cap space in the NFL next year. The good news is the Eagles can roll over their remaining cap space from this year. Philadelphia currently has the 19th most space in the league at $12,517,476.

The Eagles added to their draft picks

Here’s a preview of the Eagles’ draft picks over the next two years.




4th - (from the Minnesota Vikings)

4th - (from the New England Patriots; can elevate to a 3rd)


5th - (from the Seattle Seahawks)










7th - (from New Orleans Saints)

7th - (from Denver Broncos; conditional)

Does Howie Roseman lack emotional intelligence?

“Emotional intelligence” was cited when Jeffrey Lurie explained what the Eagles were looking for in a new head coach after firing Chip Kelly. It’s not a quality that’s been demonstrated by Howie Roseman recently by trading well-liked players such as Dorenbos and Jordan Matthews.

Now, I’m not saying that means these trades by Roseman were bad. A coach should probably have more emotional intelligence than a personnel executive. It’s up to the executives to make the tough, calculated business decisions. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove emotion from the picture in order to do what’s best for team’s chances of winning.

At the same time, this isn’t Madden. Making trades and cuts has an impact on the locker room. The upside of Roseman’s maneuvering is that he’s good at acquiring assets. The downside could be that he’s messing with locker room chemistry. There needs to be balance.

Brent Celek is the new longest tenured Eagle

Dorenbos joined Philadelphia during the 2006 season. Now that he’s gone, Celek takes over as the team’s longest tenured player. The 32-year-old tight end was a fifth-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. This figures to be Celek’s last year with the team, so it might not be too long before Jason Peters becomes the team’s longest tenured player. The Eagles traded for JP in 2009. He turns 36 in January.