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Three Eagles players change their jersey numbers

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Very important updates.

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles announced some jersey number changes on Monday morning.

Veteran safety Corey Graham is moving from No. 36 to No. 24. With Terrence Brooks (and Ryan Mathews) now gone, No. 24 was available. Graham wore No. 24 when he played for the Baltimore Ravens.

New Eagles cornerback Dexter McDougle, whom Philadelphia received in exchange for Brooks, will wear No. 36. McDougle wore No. 23 and No. 43 with the New York Jets but both of those numbers are obviously taken.

Wide receiver Marcus Johnson changed his number from No. 84 to No. 14. The No. 14 jersey was previously worn by David Watford. The Eagles waived Watford (and two others) over the weekend.

If you’re interested in my high level jersey analysis, which you clearly are, I’d say the defensive back changes here make sense. Graham is a veteran player who deserves a better number than No. 36. That number is more suited to an unproven newcomer like McDougle.

As for Johnson, I’m not sure why he changed. He wore No. 7 at Texas. 84 was a good look for a guy of his size. No. 14 brings back memories of Riley Cooper and no one wants to think about that.

Ronald Darby is still stuck with No. 35 (for now) even though he’s been trying to change that.