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Philadelphia’s football team won a championship for the second year in a row

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Weeeeee are the champions, my friendddd

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Four Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For the second year in a row, Philadelphia’s football team won a championship! WORLD CHAMPS, BABY!!! The next great new dynasty!

I’m referring to the Philadelphia Soul, of course, who defeated the Tampa Bay Storm on Saturday evening by a final score of 44 to 40 in Arena Bowl XXX.

This win marks the third championship in the Soul’s franchise history. That means they have the same amount of titles as Philly’s other football team ... the Eagles. (Sigh.)

A number of former Eagles get to bask in the Soul’s win, including team owner and former Philadelphia quarterback Ron Jaworski. In addition to Jaws, former Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil also owns part of the Arena Football League franchise.

Just thinking outloud here, but it’d be pretty cool if Philadelphia’s AFL team wasn’t the only one winning championships (or even at least one). Might wanna do something about that, Eagles.