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Dexter McDougle: Six things to know about new Eagles cornerback

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Get to know the new Eagles CB.

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets

The Philadelphia Eagles traded safety Terrence Brooks to the New York Jets in exchange for cornerback Dexter McDougle on Sunday morning. In order to better get to know the new Eagles defender, here’s some inside insight from our friends over at Gang Green Nation. Jets writer GangGreeninYonkers was kind enough to answer several questions.

1 - How are Jets fans reacting to this trade?

There seems to be a bit of a negative reaction. McDougle has gotten a lot of hype for his preseason performance, so trading him for a relatively unknown player (at least over here) has caused some stir. Some don't mind it too much, as he hasn't produced at all in his first three seasons.

2 - Would McDougle have made the Jets’ roster if he wasn’t traded?

His play suggests it, but based on this trade, maybe not. I would bet yes, though. Even as a reserve, he was probably the team's most consistent corner throughout the preseason, and got talked up in practice. I would think he'd make it as a nickel/reserve slot guy.

3 - Can you sum up McDougle’s career to this point?

Injuries. He missed a lot of time early in his career and has never found a way on to the field consistently, and when he has it's been in a reserve role where he hasn't been very good.

4 - I noticed you mentioned on Gang Green Nation that McDougle has been looking good in the slot this summer. Can he also play the outside or is he best on the inside?

He's been exclusively in the slot this preseason. Plus he's only 5'10. I'd say he's best inside.

5 - What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Not that he's been Revis Island when he's played, but injuries are his number one concern. It's been hard to get a read on him without watching him play. A good all-around athlete when he is healthy, though. He can make some plays on the ball. In the Week 2 game against Detroit he made a tackle behind the line and created pressure on a blitz. He took a step back against the Giants in Week 3, giving up a couple first downs late, one on a missed tackle on a screen and another a contested short pass.

6 - Any concerns with him off the field?

Nothing notable.