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Carson Wentz racked up AIR YARDS on his deep touchdown pass to Torrey Smith (VIDEO)

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MF Air Yards, B****.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

They thought Carson Wentz only threw short passes. They thought Carson Wentz couldn’t get the all-important AIR YARDS.

They thought wrong.

Watch below as Wentz aired it out deep against the Miami Dolphins’ defense in order to connection with Torrey Smith for a 50-yard touchdown.

Yes, that was old friend Byron Maxwell “covering” Smith. But he peeled off and tried to hand him off to the safety, who clearly didn’t get the message in time.

This was still a nice play from the Eagles even though it was a busted coverage from Miami. Wentz has pressure right in his face as he unleashed a deep ball to Smith. This play was a great way for Smith to make his first reception with the Eagles.

Wentz faced some misguided criticism last year when people said he couldn’t throw deep. Those same people totally ignored the fact he didn’t have any legitimate deep threats. Now Wentz has exactly that in a speedster like Smith.

By the way, love this tweet from the Eagles’ official Twitter account.