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LeSean McCoy trade rumors are heating up! Just kidding, they’re not.

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Putting an end to your dreams.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason there’s been some LeSean McCoy trade talk going around lately. There hasn’t been any kind of actual legitimate rumors or reports about Shady getting traded, but this hasn’t stopped people from talking about it.

Some have figured McCoy might be on the block since the Bills already traded away Ronald Darby and Sammy Watkins. McCoy didn’t seem so happy about the latter deal. The fact that Anquan Boldin retired also lent to the idea that Bills aren’t in a win-now mode.

As for the Eagles connection, well, Philadelphia could obviously use some help at running back. Why not bring back the franchise’s leading rusher? He does seem to miss Philly -- he even posted the picture of him kissing the Eagles’ logo on his Instagram today!

Look, the Bills aren’t trading Shady.

Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott said as much earlier today.

McCoy even said it himself.

If that’s not enough for you somehow, check out what Pro Football Talk wrote.

A tweet [from Ben Allbright] appeared almost nonchalantly on Tuesday suggesting that the Bills are entertaining trade offers for running back LeSean McCoy. Since: (1) that would be fairly big news; and (2) it otherwise hadn’t been mentioned anywhere, it made sense to poke around a little about whether it’s true.

Per multiple sources, it’s not.

As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, the Bills haven’t entertained traded offers for McCoy, the Bills currently aren’t entertaining offers for McCoy, and the Bills won’t be entertaining trade offers for McCoy.

Trading Shady isn’t even realistic for the Bills. It’d only save $1 million compared to $7.85 million in dead money.

And even if the Eagles wanted to bring McCoy back, what would they have to offer? Philadelphia is already without their Day 2 selections in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Would it be cool to have a running back as good as Shady back in Philadelphia? Yes. Is it even close to being realistic? No.