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Philadelphia Eagles fan makes a funny request before passing away

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t say Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t have a sense of humor.

One Eagles fan by the name of Jeffrey Clayton Riegel, who recently passed away, made a funny request from his favorite football team. Check out what was written in Riegel’s obituary.

God gave Jeffrey the miracle of time to prepare which allowed him to verbalize his last wishes. He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pall bearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time.

Ha, very nice.

Jeffrey is hardly the first person to make this joke about their favorite team, but the fact that it appeared in his actual obituary is pretty humorous.

Many of us here likely never knew Jeffrey, but he was one of us: an Eagles fan who stuck by the team no matter how often they let us down. At the age of 56, it’s fair to say he was gone too soon.

Rest in peace, Mr. Riegel.


(Hat tip to @dhm on this story)