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Anquan Boldin, truest Eagle, retires from the NFL

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Saying goodbye to a legend.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Anquan Boldin is officially retiring from the National Football League just 13 days after signing with the Buffalo Bills, according to ESPN’s Jim Trotter. Boldin released a statement upon his decision.

Boldin had heck of an NFL career. He played in 202 games over 14 seasons. He finished with 1,076 receptions for 13,779 receiving yards, and 82 touchdowns.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about Boldin on an Eagles blog, well, maybe you don’t belong here (just kidding, please don’t leave). But for those who aren’t in on the joke, allow me to explain: Boldin is the truest Eagle there ever was.

He was never an actual Eagles player ... although it almost happened last year, and it’s too bad it didn’t.

Instead, Boldin was the one that got away despite being linked to Philadelphia numerous times when he was still with the Cardinals and the Eagles badly needed receiver help. Eagles fans really wanted their favorite team to acquire Boldin back then.

I vividly remember a funny moment shortly after the Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin during the 2009 NFL Draft. I was watching the Eagles’ draft coverage on the team’s official website. A caller called into the showing and suggested the Eagles trade Maclin for Boldin. Dave Spadaro instantly became FURIOUS. In fairness to Spuds, it was a pretty ridiculous idea. That’s just not how trades work in the NFL. But in any case, that’s the exact kind of moment that proves Boldin was the truest Eagle.

I’ve always said that I’ve wanted the Eagles to sign Boldin to a one-day contract so he can retire with them because that would be pretty funny.

Completely random thing: It's my dream for the Eagles to sign Anquan Boldin to a one-day contract after he announces his retirement. Obviously it wouldn't make any sense and it wouldn't happen. But it'd be so worth it for the select people who understand why it would be hilarious.

Instead, Boldin essentially signed a 13-day retirement contract with the Bills.

At the very least, we can say that Boldin did play his last game in Philadelphia! The 36-year-old receiver was on the field for the Bills’ preseason loss to the Eagles to the other night. He was the receiver Tyrod Taylor was targeting when Ronald Darby made an interception, as pictured at the top of this post. Funny how that worked out.

Here’s to you, Anquan. You’ll always be the truest Eagle in my book.

Right ahead of Frank Gore, of course.