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Eagles open up roster spot by waiving rookie cornerback

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There it is.

Arizona v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles officially waived/injured undrafted rookie free agent cornerback Randall Goforth on Wednesday afternoon, according to an official announcement from the team.

This move was expected since Goforth suffered a torn ACL in last Friday’s training camp practice. The injury occurred during the rookie’s diving attempt to rip the ball out of a wide receiver’s grasp. Goforth succeed in stripping the receiver but immediately grabbed his knee upon landing on the ground.

It’s unfortunate that Goforth’s 2017 season is now over just like that. The 23-year-old was a long shot to make the Eagles’ roster but he might have caught on with one team’s practice squad somewhere.

Goforth will now revert to the Eagles’ injured reserve list assuming no team claims him on waivers. From there, the Eagles may eventually waive Goforth off IR after reaching an injury settlement.

Philadelphia’s roster now stands at 89 players. The Eagles have an open spot to work with.